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SubjectRe: Atyfb questions and issues

> > I have the following issue. I am trying to get an ATI Rage XL chip
> > working on a MIPS-based processor, with a 2.6.11-based kernel from
> > Now, I know that this was working with a 2.4.25-based
> > kernel previously.
> Okay, the 2.4 driver is more intrusive, it programs the chip from start as
> much as possible, while the 2.6 driver tries to depend on Bios settings. I
> haven't checked out the 2.6 driver enough to see if it is still possible
> to program from scratch.

The code is there to program the chip from scratch. Just select

"Rage XL No-BIOS Init support"

The last time I tried it it didn't work. If we could get it working that
would be great.

> Yes, according to my register data sheet a 7 means the memory clock
> frequency is derived from DLLCLK. Unfortunately I don't know what this
> DLLCLK is. I think it means the chip isn't properly initialized yet and it
> clocks the memory from a safe clock source to allow the computer to start.
> However, we most likely have no way to find out the speed of this DLLCLK.
> The memory clock frequency is important for the driver to be able to set a
> display mode; it needs to program a memory reload frequency into the chip
> which depends on the memory frequency.

Their is code in xlint.c that should properly set this. Have to debug that

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