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    SubjectRe: NCQ support NVidia NForce4 (CK804) SATAII
    Allen Martin schrieb:

    >>Erm, why they are not willing to support NCQ under Linux...I
    >>mean many
    >>people using NVIDIA based mainboards. And that against that what I
    >>thought NVidia stands for - Linux friendly but seems only that this
    >>statement fit on graficcards? Is there no "responsible" person that
    >>says...Hello, Linux is a growing market that we need to
    >>serve? With full
    >>driver/program support?
    >Likely the only way nForce4 NCQ support could be added under Linux would
    >be with a closed source binary driver, and no one really wants that,
    >especially for storage / boot volume.
    Who won't have drivers for Linux? Who told you that..?
    It would be a start point if closed or not closed source but say never
    ever as your mail suggest is not a way to go.Whats about Servers that
    using NForce Based Chipsets and they need NCQ? Always saying not needed
    or so hard to hand out the lazy way that a company like NVidia
    shouldn't go.

    > We decided it wasn't worth the
    >headache of a binary driver for this one feature.
    Yes,you Nvidia decide..what's about the costumer dosn't the costumer
    option counts? It's the A and the O of costumer relationship.
    Holding up a possiblity is better than say: "Oh, the costumers buy our
    hardware but have no right to use it at all."
    So I paid 120€ for a NVidia Nforce4 and 3 Mainboard..and what..I can't
    use it correctly only in Windows?
    NVidia seems only interesseted in GPU market so they hand out a bit of they are also closed the argument you offered
    aboved is senseless...because NVidia do so for quite a long time.

    > Future nForce
    >chipsets will have a redesigned SATA controller where we can be more
    >open about documenting it.
    So this was the last piece of NVidia I bought...about 400 Workstation not the worth.


    Michael Thonke
    IT-Systemintegrator /
    System- and Softwareanalyist

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