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Subject[RFC - 0/9] Generic timekeeping subsystem (v. B5)
Here's the next rev in my rework of the current timekeeping subsystem.
No major changes, only some cleanups and further splitting the larger
patches into smaller ones.

The goal of this patch set is to provide a simplified and streamlined
common timekeeping infrastructure that architectures can optionally use
to avoid duplicating code with other architectures.

This generic timekeeping subsystem is designed around systems that have
continuous timesources to insure correctness and avoid interpolation
errors. Additionally it allows the timekeeping to correctly function
independently from timer interrupts.

For systems that do not have a continuous timesource, no changes are
necessary, the existing tick-based timekeeping still remains. This code
just avoids needless duplication in the arches that do.

For another description on the rework, see here: (Many thanks to the LWN team for that
easy to understand writeup!)

I'd like to thank the following people who have contributed ideas,
criticism, testing and code that has helped shape this work:

George Anzinger, Nish Aravamudan, Max Asbock, Dominik Brodowski, Darren
Hart, Christoph Lameter, Matt Mackal, Keith Mannthey, Ingo Oeser, Martin
Schwidefsky, Frank Sorenson, Ulrich Windl, Darrick Wong, Roman Zippel
and any others whom I've accidentally forgotten.


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