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    SubjectRe: 2.6.13-rc5 -> 2.6.13-rc6: ACPI patches seems break the kernel
    On 8/10/05, <> wrote:
    > Hello.
    > My machine (i386, acer 1350) stops to work with 2.6.13-rc6. it works with "acpi=off". the abend seems to be a total deadlock. no system request keys works. no oops with log level 9.
    > could someone please have a look at this?

    Perhaps if you provided a little more detail it would be easier for
    someone to figure out what's wrong.

    Your kernel config, your /proc/cpuinfo contents, and various other
    bits of info listed in the REPORTING-BUGS file in the kernel source
    dir, would probably be valuable to anyone wanting to investigate this
    (not me though, I don't know anything about this area).

    Jesper Juhl <>
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