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SubjectRe: revert yenta free_irq on suspend

> > You said earlier we only should fix drivers that need fixing, but they
> > all need fixing
> I think you're still talking from a theoretical standpoing, while all my
> arguments are practical.
> In _practice_, I hope that
> (a) we don't see that very much (ie the people for whom things work
> already are a strong argument that this is less of a problem in
> practice than people try to make it appear)
> (b) drivers, _especially_ on notebooks, are already able to handle an
> incoming interrupt with the device in D3 state and returning 0xff
> for all reads.
> In particular, this is exactly the same thing that you get on a
> surprise device removal too.

Not all devices that we want power-managed are hot-pluggable, even on
notebooks. If I need to go all over the tree fixing drivers, I'd much
rather add free_irq/request_irq than mess with interrupt routines on
hardware I don't have...
if you have sharp zaurus hardware you don't need... you know my address
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