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    SubjectRe: reiser4 vs politics: linux misses out again
    Date wrote:
    > In reality is it doesn't count. Users don't care what level of pain is
    > involved in producing the products they use.
    > Development efforts and results for OS's are always just taken for
    > granted.
    > BTDT - if you're very lucky, a (very) few non-programming users might
    > notice something nice and mention that they noticed a difference. The
    > majority are still struggling to find the power switch ;->

    You no longer have to be a kernel dev to see that there is more to the
    resistance to R4 than objective technical issues, anyone with an
    understanding of English whose been reading the R4
    debates-that-quickly-turn-into-flame-wars the last couple of years here can
    see that. For you guys to continue to suggest otherwise only makes you out
    to be the fools, not the "lusers" (which you obviously define as anyone who
    isn't a kernel dev).

    So be my guest, ignore the message and attack the messenger, I didn't
    respond to start yet another flamewar, nor did I really expect much
    objectivity anyway, as that's been thrown out the window even in
    discussions between developers, e.g. the R4 plugins thread.

    If its a fork of the kernel that you really want, so be it. When it
    happens, and given the increasing divergence going on between the
    commercial distros and the vanilla kernel, maybe it's already begun, I'll
    use the one that isn't afraid of giving new ideas a chance.

    Flame away, I'm done.

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