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    SubjectI can give you 20 paid_sign/ups
    This week I showed more than 60 people
    how to get over 20 sign/ups each week.

    How much would that be worth to you?

    Let me mentor you. I mentor at no charge.

    I will show you how to get 100's of paid/for
    sign/ups eas.ily and without spending a cent
    on normal mark.eting campaigns.

    I can mentor you personally on a powerful
    "One to One" basis and supply you with
    contact details of thousands of pre-qualified
    people who will join your business (subject
    to individual terms).

    I will make your bus/iness earn up to 500
    times more than it currently is and that's
    a guarantee.

    I can help all types of bus/iness.opps,
    m/l.m, net/work mark.eting programs and
    any other type of web site on the 'net
    like mainstream or niche retail or mem.ber

    If you are interested just ask.

    For example:

    I will show you how to drive sign/ups to
    your business almost handsfree. The only
    thing you have to do, is start the snowball
    rolling the and rest is fully automated.

    I will mentor you, to show you how to
    promote using e.mail mark/eting to get
    huge results while spending almost nothing
    using cheap pre-qualified targeted contact

    I will show you how to get into the top 10
    search results for 5 keywords on the best
    20 search engines to include Google, MSN,
    Yahoo etc.

    I can help anyone with any type of business.
    There is no restriction to the type of
    business you want me to help you build
    providing its legal.

    To find out if I can mentor you please send
    me an email to: with "mentor_me" in the
    subject and your business name, URL and own
    name in the message.

    Asking for more information.
    I reserve the right to refuse my service to
    anyone without breaching my code of conduct
    or advertising standards. In such instances
    I am not obliged to give a reason for
    refusal of my mentoring service. To find out
    if I can mentor you please send me an email
    to: with "mentor_me" in the
    subject and your business name and URL and
    own name in the message.

    If I have upset you in any way by sending
    you this email please forgive me and send
    an email to: with the
    word "off" in the subject and I will
    never bother you again.

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