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    SubjectRe: OOPS: frequent crashes with bttv in 2.6.X series (inc. 2.6.12)
    Hi Mauro,

    First of all, many thanks for taking the time to reply to my email!

    > We don't have any other OOPS reported for BTTV cards.

    The reply from Bodo Eggert seems to indicate otherwise..

    Here is some extra information as requested:

    > 1) desactivate any overclocking at motherboard/video board;

    I do not use any kind of overclocking, never have done and never will!

    > 2) use a standard vanilla kernel (not a distro kernel, that may have
    > some experimental patches applied;

    The crashes I reported were on a vanilla 2.6.12 kernel, compiled straight from
    the tarball on

    > 3) use a minimum ammount of cards leaving only neccessary cards at MB.
    > For these, it is good to clean its contacts;

    The only extension cards I use are:
    - 1 nVidia GeForce 6800 video adapter
    - 1 Pinacle PCTV card
    - 1 3Com 3c905C ethernet card
    - 1 SB Live! 1024 card

    I regularly vacuum-clean my tower and have checked the contacts on the extension
    cards on several occasions. For tests, I am willing to remove the NIC +
    soundcard if you think that will help (will try over the weekend), but in the
    long run I don't consider any of the above cards to be "exotic" or optional..

    > 4) Test it again.

    Will do, as stated above. On a sidenote, so far I have been unable to reproduce
    the problem when PREEMPT is disactivated (I stressed my box by compiling a
    kernel while watching TV).


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