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SubjectRe: sata_sil 3112 activity LED patch
Aric Cyr wrote:
> After finally getting fed up with not having my activity light working
> for my SATA drives, I came up with a small patch (more like hack) to
> make it work. It works quite well, but I'm afraid that there are many
> restriction that this patch does not check for that it probably
> should... so consider this a work-in-progress. My information is
> based on a document from Silicon Image that appears to no longer be
> available on their website (Sil-AN-0082-E; 8112-0082.pdf). I still
> have a copy if anyone is interested.
> There are two restrictions that are not checked:
> 1) Is the chip a 3112 or 3114? I assume that this would only work on
> a 3112, but whether it is "a bad thing" on a 3114 I do not know.
> 2) BAR5 + 0x54 is apparently used for the flash memory address and
> data lines. However for most motherboards (i.e. not add-on cards)
> with the chip, like my EPOX 8RDA3+, there is no flash memory, so
> these lines are hijacked as LED GPIO. I assume that this is a
> common practice for motherboard makers using the sil3112 since
> Silicon Image went out of their way to produce the above mentioned
> document. Anyways, the problem is that this patch does not check
> if flash memory is installed or not before twiddling with the GPIO
> lines. This could be extremely bad for people running the 3112
> from add-on cards (or any implementation with flash memory
> installed).
> Setting the low 8bits at BAR5+54h seems to enable the LED circuit. It
> seems that this circuit is patched through into the motherboard as it
> lights the regular hard drive light on the front of my case. Setting
> bits [8:15] at BAR5+54h clears the bits, disabling the LED. I hooked
> this logic into the ata_bmdma_start and ata_bmdma_stop which were made
> into simple wrapper functions in sata_sil.c that just set the GPIO
> bits and calls ata_bmdma_*.

I don't think its ugly, necessarily. I do worry about the flash memory
stuff, though, which is why I don't want to merge this upstream for now.

For your patch specifically, it would be nice to follow the coding style
that is found in the rest of the driver (single-tab indents, etc., read
CodingStyle in kernel source tree).


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