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SubjectRe: reiser4 plugins
Hans Reiser <> wrote:


> I think the exokernel approach by Frans is a very interesting approach.
> I wish I had the experience with it necessary to know if it was
> effective. I do NOT take the position that name resolution should be in
> the kernel. I DO take the position that it should be either in the
> kernel or out of the kernel, and should constitute one cohesive and
> coherent body of code.


> If someone talks Linus into trying the exokernel
> approach,

Are you nuts?! Such radical experiments do /not/ belong in the kernel on
which millions of machines depend!

Go and fork off a branch to play around with this, and if it does show real
promise, you can then come back and try to integrate this into the official

> I will be happy to educate myself to where I have an opinion
> on whether that works. It is easy to see powerful advantages to the
> exokernel approach: I wish I understood the security model for it, and I
> wish I was sure that name resolution would not require too many context
> switches as one fetches each storage component required by a name
> resolution.

Exactly the kinds of questions that have to get solid answers before any
experimental patches can get off the ground.
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