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SubjectRe: Realtime Preemption, 2.6.12, Beginners Guide?
On Wednesday 06 Jul 2005 21:44, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> the ACPI-idle bug's primary effects were the missed wakeups, but they
> should not cause lockups, because timer interrupts should always occur
> and should eventually 'fix up' such missed wakeups.
> but there's another side-effect of the ACPI-idle bug: the ACPI code was
> running with interrupts enabled and maybe the hardware locks up if
> interrupted in the wrong moment. ACPI sleeps are sensitive things and
> closely related to other IRQ hardware, which we all program with
> interrupts disabled. So i'd not be surprised if the lockups were caused
> by the ACPI-idle bug.
> Ingo

Okay, well an hour later and still no lockups, so you're probably right.

This is a completely unrelated question, but now we've got everything under
control.. how do I make "quiet" actually do something on the RT patchset?

Currently I flag it on the kernel cmdline, but I still get everything spewed
to my primary VT.


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