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Subjectrocketport module weirdness in 2.6
Since we switched to 2.6 kernel on our gateway machine, we're
seeing strange things happening with an ol'good 8-port rocketport
card (multi-serial-port card). On a regular basis, processes
using ttyRx devices, and the devices themselves, gets stuck in
one or another way. Here is an example of a Sysrq-T stack
trace from `login' process, which is that way for several days

login D 000CF43D 0 15170 1 25955 1643 (L-TLB)
c6aa4ea8 00000046 d90eb418 000cf43d 00000432 d937621e 000cf43d c77a7040
c77a7164 c4852000 c6aa4edc c6aa4efc c6aa4ee8 c01b969d c6aa4000 00000000
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 c77a7040 c01281b0 c6aa4ef4
Call Trace:
[release_dev+1245/1680] release_dev+0x4dd/0x690
[autoremove_wake_function+0/48] autoremove_wake_function+0x0/0x30
[autoremove_wake_function+0/48] autoremove_wake_function+0x0/0x30
[free_pte_range+50/64] free_pte_range+0x32/0x40
[free_pgd_range+220/432] free_pgd_range+0xdc/0x1b0
[tty_release+7/16] tty_release+0x7/0x10
[__fput+230/256] __fput+0xe6/0x100
[filp_close+67/112] filp_close+0x43/0x70
[put_files_struct+105/192] put_files_struct+0x69/0xc0
[do_exit+219/720] do_exit+0xdb/0x2d0
[do_group_exit+39/112] do_group_exit+0x27/0x70
[syscall_call+7/11] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

(I switched the modem from ttyR0 where the login process is stuck
to ttyR6 and it now works). That 'login' process is in 'release_dev'
state in /proc/15170/wchan.

Another common "stuck" scenario is that, under some random cases,
the port stops responding. Moving modem to another port, or rebooting,
does help.

And yet another one: sometimes, characters from the modem does not
show until something is sent to it (this is another possible port
"state", only cleared by rebooting). Like this:

<send <receive
to from
modem> modem>
<cr> AT
<cr> <cr>
<cr> O
<cr> K
<cr> <cr>

(it shuold echo 'A', 'T', and the first <cr> right when I type the
chars, and should respond with "OK<cr>" right after the first <cr>).

This is with 2.6.11 kernel, from

The controller is an old ISA card with 8 ports, it worked this way
since about 1998. Rebooting into 2.4 fixes this problem, so the
card itself seems to be working. I use board1=0x180 parameter for
`rocket' module (in 2.4, it detects the card automatically w/o any

The only relevant kernel messages are:
Jun 28 16:57:11 gate kernel: RocketPort device driver module, version 2.09, 12-June-2003
Jun 28 16:57:11 gate kernel: RocketPort ISA card #0 found at 0x180 - 1 AIOPs
Jun 28 16:57:11 gate kernel: Installing RocketPort ISA, creating /dev/ttyR0 - 7

Any ideas?


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