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SubjectRe: Real-Time Preemption, -RT-2.6.12-final-V0.7.50-45

* William Weston <> wrote:

> Here's the results of trying out everything from -50-45 through -51-01 on
> the SMT box:

thanks for the extensive testing!

> -51-01 won't boot:
> softirq-timer/1/13[CPU#1]: BUG in ____up_mutex at kernel/rt.c:1302

i have digged out an older HT-box .config of yours and have reproduced
an assert quite similar to the one above. Found one bug in that area:
the assert (conditional on RT_DEADLOCK_DETECT) was done a bit too early,
i have fixed this in my tree and have uploaded -51-02.

> BTW, -50-44 through -50-51 wouldn't compile on the UP Athlon box.

do the 51-02 (and later) kernels work on the UP Athlon box?

> -50-43 appears to be rock-solid under the UP non-debug config. After
> hammering on it all weekend, Maximum wakeup latency was 14us (from
> running JACK, phasex, burnK7, dd, and switching from X to text console
> all at once).


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