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SubjectRe: [Hdaps-devel] Re: [ltp] IBM HDAPS Someone interested? (Accelerometer)
Jesper Juhl wrote:

>On 7/3/05, Dave Hansen <> wrote:
>>On Sun, 2005-07-03 at 20:17 +0200, Jesper Juhl wrote:
>>>Ok, just to show you people what I've done so far.
>>>This doesn't work yet, but it should be resonably close (at least it
>>>builds ;)
>>On top of what you sent at first this morning (not the most recent one)
>I believe you are refering to the driver Henrik Brix Andersen wrote.
>It seems we both started implementing the same thing at aproximately
>the same time. I only saw Henriks version after I had send in my own.
>His seems to work a bit better than mine :-)

Great job, by looking at Dave's posts, he got data from the accel.
Nice. I'm removing some people from the CC list as I'm getting flooded
with admin messages from the ML settings and crap... Will leave LKML,
HDAPS and dev.

Thanks again. I hope we can make a tarball by the end of the day and
see what we have.


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