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SubjectRe: reiser4 vs politics: linux misses out again
Ed Cogburn <> wrote:
> Jim Crilly wrote:


> > From a user's standpoint, no of course not. But once it's included in the
> > mainline it's forced upon the kernel maintainers

> No it isn't. Its just like any other optional feature. If it stays
> unmaintained for too long it just gets removed from the kernel, this
> happens all the time.

The work involved in getting it into the kernel, workin with it while it is
there, and then ripping it out when it becomes clear that it won't be
maintained anymore doesn't count.

> This is another one of those non-issues that isn't
> relevent to this discussion but is being used to avoid the real issue.

How to allocate resources /is/ the central issue in any software
development enterprise. That this is open source makes it somewhat
different, in that most resources are spent integrating stuff developed
ouside, and maintaining it later.

> Go
> waste someone else's time, Jim.

Good advise.
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