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    Subject[PATCH 2.6.13-rc3 0/6] failure of acpi_register_gsi() should be handled properly

    Current acpi_register_gsi() function has no way to indicate errors to
    its callers even though acpi_register_gsi() can fail to register gsi
    because of some reasons (out of memory, lack of interrupt vectors,
    incorrect BIOS, and so on). As a result, caller of acpi_register_gsi()
    cannot handle the case that acpi_register_gsi() fails. I think failure
    of acpi_register_gsi() should be handled properly.

    This series of patches changes acpi_register_gsi() to return negative
    value on error, and also changes callers of acpi_register_gsi() to
    handle failure of acpi_register_gsi().

    Kenji Kaneshige

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