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Subject[PATCH 0/5] Add kernel AIO support for POSIX AIO
  This set of patches adds functionality to the kernel AIO 
infrastructure to be used by user level libraries aiming at implementing
a POSIX compliant API on top of this kernel support.

This patchset is comprised of 5 patches, each implementing a specific

- aiomaxevents: adds a sysctl variable for setting the default
AIO context event ring size at runtime. This tunable is
accessible via /proc/sys/fs/posix-aio-default-max-nr.

- aioevent: adds support for request completion notification.

- lioevent: adds support for list of requests completion

- liowait: adds support for the POSIX listio LIO_WAIT mechanism.

- cancelfd: adds support for cancellation against a file

These patches apply cleanly on a vanilla 2.6.12 kernel tree and should
be applied in the order shown before.


Sébastien Dugué BULL/FREC:B1-247
phone: (+33) 476 29 77 70 Bullcom: 229-7770



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