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SubjectRe: 2.6.13-rc3-mm2
> A few more warnings in mostly the reiser4 code in this one compared to -mm1:
> LD fs/ramfs/ramfs.o
> LD fs/ramfs/built-in.o
> LD fs/reiser4/built-in.o
> CC [M] fs/reiser4/debug.o
> In file included from fs/reiser4/plugin/plugin.h:26,
> from fs/reiser4/jnode.h:19,
> from fs/reiser4/lock.h:16,
> from fs/reiser4/context.h:15,
> from fs/reiser4/debug.c:32:
> fs/reiser4/plugin/node/node40.h:83:5: warning: "GUESS_EXISTS" is not defined
> CC [M] fs/reiser4/jnode.o
> about 20 or so times during this part of the compilation, however it never
> quite bombs out.

All these are caused by the stricter -Wundef
So if reiserfs uses:
and GUESS_EXISTS are not defined then gcc will flag this warning.
The fix is easy - us:

Same goes for the other warnings you included in your post.

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