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SubjectRe: CheckFS: Checkpoints and Block Level Incremental Backup (BLIB)

> Thanks for your suggestions and help.
> We started it from 2.6.7 last year and then it was sitting idle for several
> months for lack of resources. We'll go back to that version and generate a
> diff that's easier to read.
> Yes, changing the name has made the task of rebasing wrt. changing kernels lot
> difficult. Our original intention was to make testing easier by keeping ext3
> and checkfs filesystems in the same kernel. Had we continued it at that
> point, we would have posted differences wrt. ext3 sources themselves. There
> was compelling reason to change the name.

Maybe you want to put your development machines on ext*2* while doing
this ;-). Or perhaps reiserfs/xfs/something.

teflon -- maybe it is a trademark, but it should not be.
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