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SubjectRe: [cpufreq] ondemand works, conservative doesn't
Sven Köhler wrote:

>currently, i'm using the ondemand governor. My CPU supports the
>frequencies 800, 1800 and 2000 MHz (AMD Athlon64 Desktop with
>Cool&Quiet). The simple bash commands
In my case, I have a Pentium M 1.8ghz 400 FSB. In powersave, it goes to
1.19ghz, in conservative, it goes to 1.20GHZ and of course performance
goes to 1.8ghz if plugged.

Conservative works well here, and so far, lt moved slowly from
frequencies, 1.2 then in 5 seconds 1.4, 2 seconds 1.8. Then it took the
CPU like 10 seconds to move back from 1.8ghz to 1.2..

Mine did reach the full cpu in a moment, yours looks like it not going
over 2.0ghz. Maybe is not needing that much CPU?

If it only supports 800, 1800 and 2000 MHz, then it will only jump to
those frequencies. I use the CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor included in
gnome to switch between these options a lot. Maybe you could play with
this a bit more and see how it behaves. It does look like it might need
more frequencies, but you would need to check what does you CPU support.

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