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SubjectRe: Whats in this vaddr segment 0xffffe000-0xfffff000 ---p ?

> The location of the vsyscall page is different on 32 and 64 bit
> machines. So 0xffffe000 is NOT the address you are looking for while
> dealing with the 64 bit machine. Rather 0xffffffffff600000 is the
> correct location (on x86-64).
Both my process's are 32-bit process's, its just one runs on 64-bit
machine and other runs on 32-bit machine. The write from address
0xffffe0000 to a file on a 32-bit machine fails, but does'nt fail on
64-bit machine (the process is still 32-bit although it runs on

How can the virtual address of 0xffffffffff600000 exist in a 32-bit
process ? (May be I have not made myself clear in explaining the
problem?? :-?)

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