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SubjectRe: 2.6.13-rc3-mm1 (ckrm)
> > > yes, that's the crux.  CKRM is all about resolving conflicting resource 
> > > demands in a multi-user, multi-server, multi-purpose machine. this is a
> > > huge undertaking, and I'd argue that it's completely inappropriate for
> > > *most* servers. that is, computers are generally so damn cheap that
> > > the clear trend is towards dedicating a machine to a specific purpose,
> > > rather than running eg, shell/MUA/MTA/FS/DB/etc all on a single machine.
> This is a big NAK - if computers are so damn cheap, why is virtualization
> and consolidation such a big deal? Well, the answer is actually that

yes, you did miss my point. I'm actually arguing that it's bad design
to attempt to arbitrate within a single shared user-space. you make
the fast path slower and less maintainable. if you are really concerned
about isolating many competing servers on a single piece of hardware, then
run separate virtualized environments, each with its own user-space.

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