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SubjectRe: fastboot, diskstat
Avi Kivity wrote:

> parallelized initscripts will probably defeat this, though.
put all run-once-but-never-run-again scripts into initrd / initramfs?
<evil grin>
boot into a suspend-to-disk image?

i still see the real solution at least for "desktop" machines is to
minimize the sheer amount of stuff loaded in the rc scripts.
at least for my use-every-day laptop (IBM T42), i've literally halved
the startup time by being savvy about what services are started and in
many cases not starting things until a few minutes after i've logged in.

for example, making use of NetworkManager sorts out a lot of the delay
associated with dhcp and roaming WiFi connections - so there are no
start-on-boot network kruft.
likewise, as a desktop its completely academic if sendmail starts at T+0
seconds or T+2 minutes.
same for sshd/cups/httpd/ntpd et al.

of what does run, you CAN run it in parallel & hopefully get some sense
out of the elevator being intelligent.


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