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SubjectRe: Whats in this vaddr segment 0xffffe000-0xfffff000 ---p ?

>I found that every process running in this kernel version has a
>virtual address mapping in /proc/<pid>/maps file as follows
>ffffe000-ffff000 ---p 00000000 00:00 0

If you run e.g. ldd /bin/ls, you get: => (0xffffe000)

>on a 64-bit(uname --all == 'Linux host 2.6.5-7.97.smp #1 <time stamp>
>x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux) machine which is running the same kernel, I
>try to write the contents of the virtual address on to file with (r =
>write(fd,0xffffe000,4096) ). The write on this machine is successful. But
>if I try to write the same segment on 32-bit machine (uname --all == Linux
>host 2.6.5-7.97-smp #1 <timestamp> i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux).
>The write on this 32-bit machine fails with EFAULT(14), but if memcpy
>to a buffer from this virtual address seems to work fine i.e if I do
>'memcpy(buf1,0xffffe000,4096)' it write perfectly the contents of this
>virtual address segment into the buf1.

Normally, you should not be able to read or write from/to there, since the
permission bits are ---.

>PS: BTW I'am running suse distribution and will glibc will have any
>effect on write behaviour ? (I though that since write is a syscall
>the issue might be with the kernel the thus skipping the glibc

If in doubt, start gdb and read the memory out using gdb (which will use
ptrace). It should also give an error, if the permissions are enforced

Jan Engelhardt
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