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SubjectRe: [PATCH] reset VGA adapters via BIOS on resume... (non-fbdev/con)
Pavel Machek <> wrote:

> Unfortunately, if you only get printk() working after you ran
> userspace app... well it makes debugging things like SATA
> "interesting". So I quite like this patch.

Most interesting laptop vendors have at least one model in each range
with a serial port, which makes this sort of thing a bit easier.

> If your BIOS does something wrong, well... your machine crashes.

I think it's hard to define it as "something wrong" - there's no reason
for BIOS authors to support the OS calling BIOS setup code after the
machine has booted. Thinkpads seem to manage this fine, Sonys tend to be
less good at it. Using the VBE mode setting code tends to be more
reliable, and is pretty much guaranteed to be there even after boot.

Matthew Garrett |
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