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SubjectRe: 2.6.13-rc3: swsusp works (TP 600X)

> swsusp now mostly works on my TP 600X. If I don't eject the pcmcia card
> (usually a prism54 wireless card), swsusp begins the process of
> hibernation, but never gets to the writing pages part. The eth0 somehow
> tries to reload the firmware (as if it's been woken up), and then
> everything hangs. If I eject the card and (for safety) stop
> /etc/init.d/pcmcia, then swsusp writes out the memory to swap, and
> waking up works fine. Thanks for all the improvements!
> Is there debugging I can do in order to help get the pcmcia system
> hibernating automagically?

Well, it really may be the firmware loading. Add some printks to
confirm it, then fix it.

> One other glitch is that pdnsd (a nameserver caching daemon) has crashed
> when the system wakes up from swsusp. It also happens when waking up
> from S3, which was working with although not with 2.6.13-rc3.
> Many people have said mysql also does not suspend well. Is their use of
> a named pipe or socket causing the problem?

No idea, strace?
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