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Subject[announce] 'patchview' ver. 004


[version 004]

'patchview' merges a patch file and a source tree to a set of
temporary modified files. This enables better patch (re)viewing
and more viewable context. (hopefully)

The patchview script is here:

usage: patchview [-f] [-s] patchfile srctree {ver. 004}
-f : force tkdiff even if 'patch' has errors
-s : single tkdiff even if patchfile contains multiple files

It uses (requires) lsdiff (from patchutils) and
tkdiff or mtkdiff (multi-file tkdiff viewer).
'mtkdiff' is used if it is found and is executable.
(and it's pretty cool)



Thanks to Nick Wilson and Tejun Heo for patches.

Changes for ver. 004:
* Make sure things get cleaned up if we ctrl-c the sucker.
* Kill the viewers when the script is killed.
* Un-hardcode PROG.
* Add [-s] to usage message.
* Add support for the mtkdiff viewer.
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