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Subjectitimer oddness in 2.6.12
The patch to fix "setitimer timer expires too early" is causing issues for
the Helix server. We have a timer processs that updates the server's
timestamp on an itimer and it expects the signal to be delivered at roughly
the interval retrieved from getitimer. This is very consistent on every
platform, including Linux up to 2.6.11, but breaks on 2.6.12. On 2.6.12,
setting the itimer to 10ms and retrieving the actual interval from getitimer
reports 10.998ms, but the timer interrupts are consistently delivered at
roughly 11.998ms. This behavior was pointed out as problematic in the patch

Would it be possible to resolve this discrepancy for 2.6.13?

Please cc: me on replies, I am not subscribed.

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