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SubjectRe: Kernel doesn't free Cached Memory

Em (15:49:49), Alan Cox escreveu:

>On Gwe, 2005-07-22 at 08:27 -0300, Vinicius wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> I have a server with 2 Pentium 4 HT processors and 32 GB of RAM, this
>> server runs lots of applications that consume lots of memory to. When I
>> this applications, the kernel doesn't free memory (the memory still in
>See any FAQ on the Linux memory management - memory is reclaimed when
>needed not when nobody is using it. That makes things more efficient.
>> and the server cache lots of memory (~27GB). When I start this
>> the kernel sends "Out of Memory" messages and kill some random
>> applications.
>Some RHEL3 kernels had a problem with very large memory sizes and 2.4.
>That should not be the case in the current RHEL3 kernels. 2.6 handles
>very large systems a lot lot better, and of course the fact real
>computers now have 64bit processors has also rather improved life.

Thanks Alan,

I also read on the Linux-Kernel that the problem may be related to an
exhaustion of your kernels address space, I read that the hugemem-kernel
might be the solution to this case since it has 4GB for the kernel memory
plus 4GB for user process.
How can I define if my kernel memory is beeing exhausted? Does this
exhaustion of kernel memory can cause Out Of memory errors ?

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