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SubjectRe: 2.6.13-rc3-mm1 (ckrm)
Paul Jackson wrote:
> Martin wrote:
>>No offense, but I really don't see why this matters at all ... the stuff
>>in -mm is what's under consideration for merging - what's in SuSE is ...
> Yes - what's in SuSE doesn't matter, at least not directly.
> No - we are not just considering the CKRM that is in *-mm now, but also
> what can be expected to be proposed as part of CKRM in the future.
> If the CPU controller is not in *-mm now, but if one might reasonably
> expect it to be proposed as part of CKRM in the future, then we need to
> understand that. This is perhaps especially important in this case,
> where there is some reason to suspect that this additional piece is
> both non-trivial and essential to CKRM's purpose.

The CKRM design explicitly considered this problem of some controllers
being more unacceptable than the rest and part of the indirections
introduced in CKRM are to allow the kernel community the flexibility of
cherry-picking acceptable controllers. So if the current CPU controller
implementation is considered too intrusive/unacceptable, it can be
reworked or (and we certainly hope not) even rejected in perpetuity.
Same for the other controllers as and when they're introduced and
proposed for inclusion.

-- Shailabh

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