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SubjectRe: 2.6.12 PREEMPT_RT && PPC
Gene Heskett wrote:

> Humm, I wondering out loud if this is the video dma failure in tvtime?
> Anyway, it applied cleanly over -33, and is building now, set for
> mode=4.

On i386 the hw_irq_controller.end() handler
conditionally calls the function registered
for the hw_irq_controller.enable() handler
[enable_8259A_irq()] which I'd hazard is
how the missing hw_irq_controller.end() call
went unnoticed. ie: for the i386 the end()
call was effectively redundant w/r/t the
enable() call.

However for PPC there is some specific
unfinished business to be done at the logical
conclusion of IRQ reception which is
accomplished by the registered end() hook.


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