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SubjectRe: Obsolete files in 2.6 tree
Bob Tracy napsal(a):

>Jiri Slaby wrote:
>>Are these files obsolete and could be deleted from tree.
>>Does anybody use them? Could anybody compile them?
>The above are used by (at least) the PAS16 SCSI driver. The PAS16 is
>a 16-bit ISA soundcard that, in its "studio" incarnation, has a slow-
>speed (intended for the CD-ROM drives of the time) SCSI interface based
>on the NCR 5380. As I recall, the Linux driver operated in polled mode
>only: no interrupt handling capability. That deficiency was never
>corrected while I was a user of that card, and I quit using the card
>somewhere in the 2.2 kernel version timeframe.
I think, that this driver uses g_NCR5380.c and g_NCR5380.h, doesn't it?

Jiri Slaby
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