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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ramfs: pretend dirent sizes
    On Wed, 20 July 2005 20:48:17 +0200, Jan Blunck wrote:
    > I don't want to tell where these are in general, I need an easy way to
    > seek to the m'th directory + offset position without reading every
    > single dirent. With i_sizes != 0 it is straight forward to use "the sum
    > of the m directory's i_sizes + offset" as the f_pos to seek to. For this
    > purpose it is not necessary to have a "honest" i_size as long as the
    > i_size is bigger than the offset of the last dirent in the directory.

    So you use file->offset of the pseudo-directory representing the whole
    union stack for two values:
    1. level within the union stack we're currently at and
    2. offset within the real directory at said level.

    And you need a sane value for i_size at every level (but perhaps the
    last) to break the converged file->offset apart into (level, offset)
    again. Right?

    > >>Reopening the same directory may result in a formerly proper offset
    > >>isn't anymore.
    > Which is a user problem again. Might be that you are opening a different
    > directory with the same name ... or even a regular file!

    Yep. Two consecutive open() on the "same file" are racy, so anything
    could have happened in between. That's a well-known proplem in


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