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SubjectRe: how to be (SAFE) a kernel developer ?
On 7/19/05, Brian O'Mahoney <> wrote:
> To: unlisted-recipients:; (no To-header on input)
That's a bad habbit - makes it impossible to send a
proper reply back to all the recipients. LKML is a public list, please
use To: and CC: so it's possible to reply to the proper people, and
don't trim the CC: list please.

> Jesper Juhl wrote: ...
> much useful advice, almost all of which I agree with _BUT_
> please do NOT debug kernel mods on your 'main-box', where your
> filesystems live. unless you like to live dangerously and make
> perfect backups you don't mind spending lots of hours restoring,
You are right. A sacrificial box or at least proper backups of any
important stuff is important. I didn't write that since I figured it
to be obvious, but I guess I should have spelled it out anyway. Thank
you for making that bit clear :-)

Jesper Juhl <>
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