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SubjectRe: Avoiding BIGMEM support programatically.
On 7/18/05, vamsi krishna <> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have a program working fine on a 2.6.xx-smp kernel, and the program
> crashes on the same version kernel with bigmem i.e (

What is your program ??? what it is doing ??? Can u explain ?? or send
some code portion ?? b/c the BIGMEM kernel and smp/normal kenel has
only a difference of HIGHMEM64G which allows system/kernel on x86 to
use physical memory upto 64GB ..... and enabling this creates
little-bit overhead on the kernel, but I don't think it will effect
the working of most of the kernel modules ......

> I also found that for a same executable on bigmem kernel the virtual
> address's of '&_start' and '&_etext', seem to vary in every new run.

I don't know abt this, so can't say any thing ....

> Is there any way I can avoid the kernel's bigmem virtual address
> mapping programatically? and still run the program on a bigmem kernel?

I think this can be done through specifying GFP_ATOMIC flag in the
memory allocation function, so that it will use ZONE_NORMAL of the
kernel ....... (if i m wrong, then plzz do correct me)

Fawad Lateef
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