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SubjectRe: [patch] I-pipe 2.6.12-v0.9-02
On Monday 18 July 2005 09:41, Philippe Gerum wrote:
>The interrupt pipeline patch v0.9-02 has been released, fixing a
> latency spot and a bug in the deferred printk() mechanism.
>A split version of the patch for x86, ppc32 and ia64 is available
> here:
>Patch sequence to build a Linux 2.6.12 tree with I-pipe support:

Will this then work with emc? emc, when run, loads the adeos stuff,
then unloads it when its stopped. emc being the linux cnc machine

If it will, I'd like to play with it on a bdi-4.20 install.

Or is this a seperate patch?

Cheers, Gene
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