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SubjectRe: [PATCH] signed char fixes for scripts
Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 15, 2005 at 10:14:43PM +0000, J.A. Magallon wrote:
>>On 07.16, J.A. Magallon wrote:
>>This time I did not break anything... and they shut up gcc4 ;)
> Thanks.
> Can you please resend with proper changelog and signed-off-by.
> Diff should be done on top of latest -linus preferable.
> Also this patch seems relative small compared to the others floating
> around to cure signed warnings in scripts/
> Does this really fix all of them or only a subset of the warnings?

Well, current -linus already has a patch from me to change the
compression scheme that also fixes most of the signedness problems. The
ones below escaped me because my gcc3.3.2 didn't complain about them
even with all the -W[xxx] switches I could find.

This takes a big hunk out of previous patches I've seen, so that might
explain the difference.

Paulo Marques -

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems
just with potatoes.
Douglas Adams
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