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SubjectRe: how to be a kernel developer ?
On 7/19/05, Jesper Juhl <> wrote:
> On 7/18/05, regatta <> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I want to join the Kernel community and help in developing Linux
> > kernel, I'm good in C,Perl and not that good in C++
> >
> The kernel is written in (mainly) C and (a little bit of) asm, no C++ in there.
> > is there any How-To page in how to help or how to join ? since I want
> > to start in basic things
> >
> A few things you should do :

A few things I forgot to mention in the first mail.

You can also help out by testing the development kernels - they need
testing by as many people as possible, so start testing the -rc
kernels and the daily git snapshots as well as the -mm kernels. Test
if they build with your usual configuration, test if they build with
"allnoconfig", "allyesconfig", "allmodconfig" and perhaps a random
config or two. Test if they boot OK, if they run OK for a longer time,
When you find a problem you can try to fix the issue yourself and send
a patch to both the mailinglist and the person responsible for the
code in question. If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, then
send a detailed bugreport to the list and the person responsible for
the code. Take a look at the REPORTING-BUGS file in the kernel source
dir and the Documentation/BUG-HUNTING file.

Helping to test pre-release kernels is a valuable effort. Run a new
kernel daily :-)

Jesper Juhl <>
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