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SubjectNAPI (aka RX Polling) for natsemi?
hi all,
is there such a thing anywhere as a working patch to enable NAPI in the
natsemi driver? or is someone working on one?

so far i have found two non-working patches, which i tried to get to
work without success. one locks up the kernel, the other says "interrupt
while polling". any help with these would be appreciated.
the DP83815 (natsemi) are used a lot on embedded routers (soekris, wrap,
routerboard) and since they all use a geode processor which isn't all
that powerful, they get stuck in a livelock at around 50-60 mbits and
reboot shortly after due to the watchdog

here's the patches i found if that can help anyone: locks up the
kernel once it receives some packet (guessing it's stuck in polling mode.. ) has "interrupts while
polling" messages and the throughput drops off to zero

cc: me because i'm not subscribed

thanks for any help and pointers

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