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SubjectRE: 2.6.9 chrdev_open: serial_core: uart_open
Hi, Alan Cox wrote:

> A good rule of thumb
> is to trace the sequence of calls and assume that the last sane sequence
> is the one that occurred before the failure.

Note also that gcc does sibling optimization, i.e. it will happily
reduce the code at the end of
int bar(a,b) { [...] return baz(x,y); }
into something like
overwrite 'a' with 'x', and 'b' with 'y'
pop local stack frame, if present
jump to baz

which saves some stack space and is faster, but makes you wonder
how in hell the
stack dump you're seeing in your crash dump came about.

(2.6.13 will turn that off when debugging.)

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