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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] forcedeth: TX handler changes (experimental)
    Daniel Drake wrote:
    > After applying the v0.38 patch, I can't get any network at all. DHCP
    > fails to get an IP. v0.37 works fine.

    Tracked it down. (sorry for linewraps)

    +#define DEV_NEED_TIMERIRQ 0x0001 /* set the timer irq flag in the irq mask */
    +#define DEV_NEED_LINKTIMER 0x0002 /* poll link settings. Relies on the timer
    irq */
    +#define DEV_HAS_LARGEDESC 0x0003 /* device supports jumbo frames and needs
    packet format 2 */

    My hardware is NEED_TIMERIRQ|NEED_LINKTIMER, however, by this logic, it'll
    also be DEV_HAVE_LARGEDESC, which isn't true.

    So, you want this instead:

    #define DEV_HAS_LARGEDESC 0x0004

    After making that change, all is working fine, but then again, I've never run
    into the hangs you are debugging. I'll follow up in a couple of days time to
    confirm I'm not getting any problems with the new code.

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