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    SubjectRe: [LinuxBIOS] NUMA support for dual core Opteron
    On Thu, 2005-07-14 at 10:58 -0700, yhlu wrote:
    > Someone mentioned that NUMA support for dual core opteron need acpi
    > support in LinuxBIOS.
    > there may be some other solution for that.
    > 1. PowerPC already support dual core and it should support NUMA, So
    > the Open Firmware must have some NUMA entry definition.
    > Can we make x86-64 kernel support OpenFirmware interface so we can use
    > OpenBIOS as payload of LinuxBIOS.
    > 2. enable acpi and add the NUMA entries into it, the Linux Kernel will be happy.
    > 3. If we are trying to use ADLO to load Windows/Solaris/FreeBSD, We
    > need to pass related acpi info to ADLO....
    > Solution 1 will be ideal one, and can make Solaris for X86-64 use
    > OpenFirmware interface too.....
    > which one is better?

    AFIAK, for x86_64 kernel, it will try to read NUMA configuration from
    HW directory. We don't have to export any ACPI table.

    Li-Ta Lo <>
    Los Alamos National Lab

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