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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [42/48] Suspend2 for 2.6.12: 618-core.patch

> > Have you seen Christoph's recent fixes to refrigerator? You probably
> > have same problems..... And he wanted to move refrigerator to sched/
> > and make it more generic for page migration, too... what about using
> > it, too? ;-).
> Yeah. I'm using them already. I must say though that I don't think
> sched.h is necessarily the best place for the refrigerator defines. Any
> change to those functions and you have to recompile most of the kernel.
> Is a refrigerator.h an idea?

I do not think those recompiles pose a big problem; we don't want
million separate headers. I'd trust Christoph with this.
teflon -- maybe it is a trademark, but it should not be.
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