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SubjectRE: Serial PCI driver in 2.6.x kernel (i.e. 8250_pci HOWTO)
>From: Russell King []On Behalf Of Russell King

>Can we see this code?
Because I was working on the assumption that the driver would no longer be
serial.c and would use only my card, I may have done some things that
weren't exactly the best practice. This is partially why I am trying to
figure out the "correct" way to use the new serial driver. Because I went
with the entire serial.c file, I don't think that I can post it. However,
you can get my modifications here: I renamed
the serial.c file to fcap_335.c and I changed the devnodes to be
/dev/ttyFCx. I think every modification that I made has a comment //mds
near it.

>Despite being the maintainer for the serial layer, I'm not on linux-serial.
Right, I am on linux-serial and I had seen a couple of posts from you on
linux-serial, I kind of assumed that you were there too.


Matt Schulte
Commtech, Inc.

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