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    SubjectRe: Problems with Firewire and -mm kernels
    On Jun 30 2005, Ben Collins wrote:
    > Try reverting just the sbp2.[ch] changes from the 2.6.13-rc1 tree.

    Ok, I did that and it worked fine, thanks! I'm trying to upload the
    resulting dmesg so that you can see yourself, but it seems that my
    University's site isn't working for some reason. :-(

    Oh, I got one warning when I was compiling sbp2.c (it was something like an
    invalid initialization around line 27xx--yes, yes, I know that this doesn't
    help much, but I don't have the log of the compilation here).

    > I'll see if I can figure out why our tree and kernel tree have gotten so
    > far out of whack and how such huge changes that don't seem to fix
    > anything (like the large changes to sbp2) have gotten into the kernel
    > proper without being tested. Most of the sbp2 changes seem to be a new
    > feature rather than fixing minor or even major bugs.

    Yes, it would help a lot if the fixes were included in 2.6.13 (final).

    Thank you very much again, Rogério Brito.
    Rogério Brito : :
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