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    SubjectASUS K8N-DL Beta BIOS
    You might get a laugh out of this! It's a reply from ASUS about the
    motherboard (this was 2 days b4 they released the 1004.7 BETA BIOS.

    Pretty sad when ASUS tells you to "Clear your CMOS". I thought I asked a
    pretty straightforward tech question... Makes me wonder if they even read
    it, or they had a PERL script do it!

    Ps. New BIOS didn't change a thing. The PCI Device names in the ACPI table
    are not entered in a fashion that the kernel recognizes. Maybe ASUS decided
    to 'optimize' routing by making a more efficient table?' nah..



    ASUS wrote:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for your support for our products!

    Please start by clearing the system c-mos memory following the procedure in
    your manual. Make sure the power AND the battery on the motherboard is
    removed before shorting the CLR RTC solder points or jumper pins. Short the
    pins for at least 20-30 seconds.

    If this is still not working, you can have your old BIOS chip reprogrammed
    or order a new, reprogrammed chip from! us.

    ********************************** IMPORTANT
    Please refer to your manual to locate the BIOS chip on your motherboard. If
    the chip is removable, it will be fitted into a socket. Please be careful
    when removing the chip--do not damage the socket or the chip. Make sure you
    remove the chip from the socket, but DO NOT remove the socket from the

    Here is the BIOS pricing guide, along with the procedure to obtain a
    new/reflashed BIOS chip.

    If you are in North America, you can order a NEW BIOS chip online at

    Prici! ng Guide for Continental United States Orders:

    REFLASHED C HIP - Customer mails in their BIOS chip.

    Flash sent Fed-Ex Ground (roughly 2-10 days)...$5.00 (this price covers
    S&H...the flash is free)

    Flash sent Fed-Ex Overnight (next day)...$20.00 (this price covers S&H...the
    flash is free)


    New chip sent Fed-Ex Ground (roughly 2-10 days)...$25.00 (this price covers
    the chip and S&H)

    New chip sent Fed-Ex Overnight (next day)...$40.00 (this price covers the
    chip and S&H)

    Pricing Guide for Hawaii and Puerto Rico Orders:

    REFLASHED CHIP (Customer's original BIOS chip)

    Flash sent Fed-Ex 2nd Day (2 days)...$20.00 (this price covers S&H...the
    flash is free)

    Flash sent Fed-Ex Overnight (next day)...$30.00 (this price covers S&H...the
    flash is free)


    New chip sent Fed-Ex 2nd Day (2 days)...$35.00 (this price covers the chip
    and S&H)

    New chip sent Fed-Ex Overnight (next day)...$55.00 (this price covers the
    chip and S&H)

    We can ! only ship Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air, or Overnight, to Hawaii.

    Pricing Guide for Canadian Orders:

    FLASHED OR NEW CHIP - Via FEDEX Ground Delivery

    $35.00 (USD, standard price for Canada)

    We cannot ship Overnight to Canada due to customs.

    Sending Bios Chips Through the Mail

    Make sure to include the BIOS chip, your name, mailing address, daytime
    phone number, motherboard model number, version of the BIOS you would like
    flashed and payment to the address below.

    ***************************IMPORTANT NOTICE*************************

    When you send a chip to be flashed, you must put the chip in a hard,
    protective container. If not, the chip could possibly arrive damaged.

    We DO NOT accept entire motherboards, only BIOS chips. Also, we do not
    accept damaged BIOS chips, so please package your BIOS securely (see the
    notice above). We can only send BIOS chips within the Continental United
    States, Hawaii a! nd Canada.

    **************************************************** ****************

    Methods of Payment

    To place an order over the phone, we accept MasterCard or Visa. If you
    choose to send payment through the mail, we accept personal checks (but not
    starter checks), company checks, and money orders. WE DO NOT HAVE A BILLING
    OPTION. If you wish to purchase a chip through the mail and want to pay with
    a credit card:

    advising us to contact you for payment information.

    Please send BIOS chips to:

    ASUS Technology
    Attn: BIOS Dept
    7100 Intermodal Drive
    Suite A
    Louisville, KY 40258

    Please do not respond to this email. If you need further assistance please
    contact our BIOS department at 502-995-0883 x7172.

    Please note that the following boards have BIOS chips that may be


    If the BIOS chip is not in a socket, and is instead soldered directly to the
    motherboard, you must contact our RMA department for BIOS repairs. You may
    contact them by telephone @ 510-739-3777 option 3, or e-mail them at:

    Please provide your case number and your motherboard's serial number when
    contacting them.

    Best Regards,

    ASUS Technical Support

    ---------- Original Message ----------
    From :
    Sent : 6/26/2005 4:48:49 AM
    To : ""
    Subject : <TSD> Motherboard K8N


    Apply date : 6/26/2005 4:40:09 AM
    [Contact Information]
    *Name : Brian
    Phone Number :
    City :
    *Country : United States

    [Product Information]
    *Product Type : Motherboard
    *Product Model : K8N

    [Motherboard Specification]
    *Motherboard Revision : 1.03
    *Motherboard BIOS Revision : 1003

    [VGA Card Specification]
    *VGA Card Vendor : eVGA
    *VGA Card Model : Geforce 6600GT
    *VGA Card Chipset : Geforce 6600GT
    *VGA Card Driver : provided by eVGA

    [CPU Specification]
    *CPU Vendor : AMD x 2
    *CPU Type : Opteron (Sledgehammer)
    *CPU Speed : 240

    [Memory Specification]
    *Memory Vendor : Kingston
    *Memory Model : KVR400D8R3A/512
    *Memory Capacity : 512mb x 2 dual channel setup

    [HDD Specification]
    HDD Vendor : Western Digital
    HDD Model : WD1200
    HDD Capacity ! : 120 GB

    [Add-on Card Specification]
    Add-on Card Vendor : Hauppauge
    Add-on Card Type : TV Card
    Add-on Card Model : WinTV D

    *Operating System : Linux x86_64(primary), Windows x86_64

    [Problem Description]
    I just wanted to know if there was a BIOS revision in the works for this
    mainboard that addresses IO-APIC and ACPI issues with Linux and Windows. I
    am sure I am not the only person who has sent email about the problems.

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