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    SubjectRe: SMART support for libata

    Mark Lord <> writes:

    > Greg Stark wrote:
    > >
    > > getting really hot so I put it to sleep with "hdparm -Y".
    > > Now whenever smartd probes that drive my system freezes for a few seconds and
    > > I get this in my syslog:
    > > Jun 8 12:49:36 stark kernel: hda: status timeout: status=0xd0 { Busy }
    > > Jun 8 12:49:36 stark kernel: Jun 8 12:49:36 stark kernel: ide: failed
    > > opcode was: 0xe5
    > That is normal and expected behaviour.
    > A "sleeping" drive never responds to commands
    > until woken with a reset.

    I'm fine with errors and SMART failing to get any data.

    It's the part about my entire computer freezing for 5-10s
    that doesn't seem kosher to me.

    > You should be using "-y" (standby) instead of "-Y" (sleep).

    I'll try that. But that's not going to make it spin up when it gets a SMART
    query is it?


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