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Subjectsis5513.c patch

I'm not sure if a similar patch has been submitted or not, but here is a
patch to get DMA working on ASUS K8S-MX with a SiS 760GX/SiS 965L
chipset combo.

I'm looking at trying to revive the old sis190.c net driver for this
board too, this does depend on my boss giving me some development time.

Anyway, this is my first kernel patch so I hope it helps.

Andrew Hutchings (A-Wing)
Linux Guru - Netserve Consultants Ltd. -
Admin - North Wales Linux User Group -
BOFH excuse 183: filesystem not big enough for Jumbo Kernel Patch
diff -u -r linux- linux-
--- linux- 2005-05-27 06:06:46.000000000 +0100
+++ linux- 2005-06-07 22:14:25.000000000 +0100
@@ -112,6 +112,7 @@
{ "SiS5596", PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_5596, ATA_16 },
{ "SiS5571", PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_5571, ATA_16 },
{ "SiS551x", PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_5511, ATA_16 },
+ { "SiS5513", PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_5513, ATA_133 },

/* Cycle time bits and values vary across chip dma capabilities
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