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    SubjectRe: 2.6.12?
    Jeff Garzik <> :
    > >Any chance the r8169 queue could be merged in mainline before ?
    > I'll push the length check.


    > Everything else is a new feature.

    Hmmmm... Ok, let's have some r8169 handwaving/advocacy/explanation to
    tell what is going on.

    - From a usability viewpoint, the PCI ID for the USRobotics adapter
    should be included. It has been reported around 10/04/2005.
    Consider the usual july/LKS/conf period and it will not be available
    in a stable serie before september (it is not a bugfix, it will not
    be in 2.6.12.x either). USR has cut the price: it will have some

    - The new features are not really new:
    o 03/2005 for Stephen Hemminger's stats + other changes
    -> it does not collide with existing functions.
    o 03/2005 for the message level support
    -> not new but it will be noticed, yes.

    - Some of the usual suspects on netdev know the code and even if your
    favorite r8169 maintainer has a real day job like everyone, I usually
    manage to dig the issues when something hits the fan (no engagement in
    sight, it helps :o) ).

    Of course, you are free to ignore these points if you already took them
    into consideration.

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