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SubjectRe: [doc][git] playing with git, and netdev/libata-dev trees
Dave Airlie wrote:
>>When I merge a patch for drivers/net/forcedeth.c, I merge it into a
>>brand new 'forcedeth' repository, a peer to the 40+ other such
>>repository. Under BitKeeper, I made these repositories available merged
>>together into one big "netdev-2.6" repository because it was too time
>>consuming to make the individual 50+ trees publicly available. With
>>git, developers have direct access to the individual trees.
>>I thought I would write up a quick guide describing how to mess around
>>with the netdev and libata-dev trees, and with git in general.
> Thanks for this, I'm starting to get up to speed on git now...
> Two questions,
> 1. when you want to publish your tree what do you do? just rsync it
> onto

Basically. I copy the attached script into each repo, customize the
script for the upload destination.

When I publish the tree, I just cd to the toplevel dir on my local
workstation, and run "./push"

> 2. When you are taking things from your queue for Linus do you create
> another tree and merge your branches into it or what?

Not quite sure what you're asking, but I'll attempt to answer anyway :)

When I prepare a submission for Linus, I will pull several branches into
a single 'for-linus' conglomeration branch. I do this with the
following incantation, for each branch I am pushing upstream:

git-resolve-script $(cat .git/HEAD) $(cat .git/refs/heads/$branch) \
`pwd` $branch

(Note that I modified my git-resolve-script to take an additional $4
argument, which causes the string " branch $4" to be added to the merge
cset's commit msg)

After I take care of all the merge conflicts[1] from the
git-resolve-script run, I give the big pile of mush a final build and
test, and then run "./push".

For the "please pull" email, I use diffstat, git-diff-tree,
git-changes-script and the newly written git-shortlog.


[1] I'm still scared of conflicts in the merge process. Simple and
automatic merging works just fine, like it did under BitKeeper. But if
there are conflicts that cause git-pull-script/git-resolve-script to
bail, then I bail as well: I export a patch, run patch(1), and then
handle the merge the Old Fashioned Way(tm) by looking at .rej files.

I really wish somebody would write a merge helper for git that places
the conflicts side-by-side in the code [in the working dir]. BitKeeper
and CVS both presented conflicts to you in this manner.

The "I resolved this conflict, now let's continue where we left off"
process is still quite raw in git. I suppose this is something that is
left for others to script, above the plumbing, but hey...


rsync -e ssh --verbose --delete --stats --progress -az .git/
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